Posted by @fiabennettttt on 21st Feb 2021

Check You Out! The launch of our breast cancer awareness initiative.

We made it past our first birthday! This is a really big milestone for us and something that we’re really proud of and excited about!

Looking back, our dream has always been to create a space where ALL womxn could feel comfortable, accepted and celebrated exactly as they are. We felt that this was particularly important in the lingerie industry - a sphere that has traditionally been dominated by bullshit patriarchal narratives of unachievable beauty standards, focusing on serving the male gaze!

Our driving focus has always been the amazing womxn of this world, who inspire us daily and when we met Sophie last year through Instagram, and she told us her incredibly powerful story as a BRCA2 gene carrier, we were overwhelmed by her strength, courage and humility.

It was really important to us and to Sophie, that we find a way to team up and bring awareness to both breast cancer and the realities/experiences of those who, like Sophie, carry the BRCA2 gene, as well as the importance of championing and normalising regular check ups.

Together, we want to provide a platform to bring awareness and share information on this incredibly important subject, and with our bespoke lingerie offering, pledge to work closely with anyone who has been affected by breast cancer to ensure that they have access to perfect fitting lingerie that lets them feel as sexy as they are! This is why we are introducing Check You Out! Our breast cancer awareness initiative. A safe space for all womxn to come to for more information on Breast Cancer, to ask questions to ourselves or Sophie or find answers within our Q&A. At CHiLLi HAUS we also pledge to work closely with anyone affected by breast cancer to ensure you have access to lingerie, made to your measurements!

So, without further adieu, here’s Sophie in her own words:


*left - Sophie is wearing a custom version of our CHiLLi UNCOVERED Bralette & right - Sophie is wearing our PREDATOR Handmade Bralette

A bit about me... I’m Sophie, 27 years old, queer and a BRCA2 gene carrier. Many of my family members have been affected by breast cancer and at 24 I decided to get genetically tested for the gene after my dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer. After that test came back positive for BRCA2, I decided to have a preventative double mastectomy with reconstruction. After my reconstruction, I noticed the huge lack of representation of womxn that look like me in mainstream media, magazines, clothing outlets, and most importantly, lingerie brands.

It’s so important that we create conversations and, by extension, safe places for womxn to explore and love their bodies again after such life changing surgery. This is when I found CHiLLi. I clicked through to their insta and found a page that is dedicated not only to absolutely incredible lingerie, but the empowerment of the people that wear the lingerie. The lingerie is beautiful. Bespoke, made to order, and can be made to your measurements specifically. The prints are cute and sexy and fit just right. It’s like supportive second skin. After surgery, I’ve found it so challenging to find lingerie that isn’t too thick over my scars – the material on my PREDATOR bralette is light but supports my boobs perfectly. The lace bralette and bottoms are stupidly comfortable (my bum looks amazing!) and more importantly, I feel gorgeous. It feels so wonderful being able to say that after having to re-learn how to accept myself after I look so different.


*left - Sophie is wearing a custom version of our CHiLLi UNCOVERED Bralette & right - Sophie is wearing our EFFIE Handmade Lace Thong

This journey has given me a deeper appreciation of my body, and of the incredible business that dedicate their skills to creating inclusive lingerie for people of all shapes and sizes. It’s obvious that CHiLLi centre customer satisfaction at the heart of what they do, you can see how much effort, time and dedication has gone into choosing the fabrics, the desired fit and the way the lingerie will make you FEEL. Also, CHiLLi is slow fashion. This is so important. The garments are higher quality and sustainable. This reduces toxic waste materials, reduces mass use of pesticides (from cotton production). You won’t need to buy as much lingerie, because CHiLLi garments last – saving you so much money. Slow fashion is the future, and CHiLLi are already there. I am so thankful that I found CHiLLi and feel so lucky to be able to work with them in some small way to encourage others like me (and not like me) to purchase lingerie that will make you feel sexy, empowered and beautiful in your skin. CHiLLi HAUS lingerie is like wearing a love letter to yourself & I am so excited to support this business.


*left - Sophie is wearing our PREDATOR Bralette & right - Sophie is wearing a custom version of our CHiLLi UNCOVERED Bralette

If you have been affected by BRCA diagnosis, please feel free to check out my insta for more info @fiabennettttt, I am connected with loads of people from the BRCA community & we’re all so happy to help. If you have been affected by breast cancer specifically there is so much support available to you @coppafeelepeople are incredible, I would really urge you to follow them. If you are in the LGBT+ community and are affected by cancer check out @lttcancer for support.