International Women's Day at CHiLLi, 1 of Our Favourite Days

15th Mar 2020

International Women's Day at CHiLLi, 1 of Our Favourite Days

One Of Our Favourite Days of the Year...

To celebrate international women's day we reflected on what this day means to us. CHiLLi HAUS is a brand that has been built by so many wonderful women. All so excited to be involved with a brand that was created to empower and inspire women through inclusivity. Everything you see at CHiLLi has been built by talented, hard-working women. From our original founding, to our design, production, marketing, graphics, modelling, photography and absolutely everything else in-between.

Arguably, 2019 was a year of progress in terms of gender inequality exposure. From the increased momentum of the #metoo movement and last month's conviction of disgraced hollywood film mogul Harvey Weinstein. The UK also saw big cases such as Samira Ahmed taking the BBC to court over alleged unequal pay. However, 2019 also highlighted that globally, we are still a long way off reaching the 50/50 split that at CHiLLi HAUS we believe is necessary. Our own experience, has shown us the incredible knowledge, power & brilliance of females across multiple industries. There are so many examples of women outperforming males while receiving a substantially smaller financial reward.

Big Corporations & Gender Equality

A strong example of this can be seen with the US Women's National Football team. The amazing women of the US team won the women's World Cup for the fourth time last year (while the men are still yet to win it once). Despite this, they are still paid considerably less than the male football team. This is an issue that was recently brought up as the judge overseeing their lawsuit against U.S. Soccer agreed that they were subjected to unequal working conditions and unequal pay when playing games for their country.

There are also examples of huge corporations attempting to take their first step into gender equality but falling at the first hurdle signifying how far behind they initially were. NASA had planned to begin their adventure into gender equality by organising an all female spacewalk. However, this large step for equality was cut short as they realised at the last minute they did not own spacesuits in sizes that would fit women.

How Can We Improve?

The one powerful change that we have seen last year is the media's coverage of major stories of gender inequality. This will be a huge factor in promoting the awareness needed to really see some large changes this year & into the future. We were heavily encouraged last Sunday by the amount of international women's day posts that blessed our Instagram timeline. But we hope that we can continue this spirit into our everyday. For this reason, we led with the message that everyday at CHiLLi HAUS is international women's day.

A key ethos of our brand is empowerment, we try to deliver this through the offering of all sizing women. While there are specific sizes listed on our site, the handmade to measure element of our business means we have the pleasure of offering lingerie to fit any body no matter the shape or size. Additionally, the design of our lingerie has been crafted to complement all wonderful shapes & sizes. We believe that through empowering women globally, we can push more women to have the confidence to chase the job roles that they deserve and grow to the levels they have shown themselves capable of.

Check out our Instagram or visit our shiny new website to learn more about our brand. You can also read the interview we recently did with Aurelia Magazine.

Team CHiLLi xoxoxox