Celebrating National Handmade Day at CHiLLi HAUS

7th Apr 2020

Celebrating National Handmade Day at CHiLLi HAUS

National Handmade Day 2020 at CHiLLi HAUS: Slowing Down in a Fast Paced World

Happy National Handmade Day #SpiceGirls! In a world where fast fashion is literally at our fingertips, handmade/slow fashion can sometimes feel like it can’t compete. We’ve all had that Thursday night struggle; rushing to one of the MANY websites that will magically ship anything to us the next day so that we have something shiny & new for Friday night- and for super cheap too! But, be honest, how many times have you been disappointed by the quality and/or let down by the fit? At CHiLLi we believe the real magic is not in how fast a product can land on your doorstep, but rather how great it looks and, most importantly, how great it makes you feel! In the rush to get new clothes as fast as possible, for as cheap as possible, we’ve sacrificed some of the most important things about great fashion: durability; quality and that perfect fit. At CHiLLi, it’s our aim to slow things right down and provide our #spicegirls with beautiful, bespoke lingerie that is tailored to their specific measurements and handmade with love.

The Magic of Handmade

All day everyday, we’re exposed to thousands of ads that are “specially tailored” for us. Ads full of mass produced items for the mass market in generic sizing that, in our personal experience and the experience of so many women that we’ve spoken to, is inadequate and outdated. According to Harper's Bazaar it is estimated that up to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size of bra. By hand-making every item in our shop, we’re proud and excited to offer a level of personalisation necessary to combat this tragedy of ill-fitting underwear- something that just isn’t available on the high street or in the online fast fashion industry. Being so intimately involved in the creation process of each piece, and seeing a set that seeing our #spicegirls slaying their CHiLLi fit, really is one of the best parts of the job!

So although we are isolated, all of us at CHiLLi wanted to come together (virtually) and take a minute to really appreciate the beauty of handmade. We have been overwhelmed by the huge level of support we have seen. For those who have browsed our website, sent us emails, Insta comments & DMs, we have felt so connected to you all. We’re proud to say that handmade is still relevant and appreciated in the fashion industry. During this strange and difficult period; struggling through isolation, trying to keep kids entertained, managing working from home & keeping in touch with family & friends, we want to say thank you for your continued support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Thank you for every like, share, DM, and comment. Thankyou for every website visit, add to cart & purchase. Most importantly, thankyou for choosing handmade! Please stay safe, take care of your physical & mental health and take care of one another...

From everyone at CHiLLi to you, our wonderful, growing CHiLLi family.