28th Feb 2021

Welcome to CHiLLi HAUS, a new handmade lingerie brand

Hi there!

We're CHiLLi HAUS, a brand new handmade lingerie company.
We are ran by a small group of dedicated women for women (although we do have a few male customers who we love as well!).

Our journey began with us making underwear as gifts for friends & family. We quickly saw the confidence boost our lingerie gave and wanted to bring this level of happiness to all women.

The start of our brand was prompted by the struggle to find cute and comfortable underwear. Firsthand experience showed us that finding lingerie, especially bras and bralettes that fit right is not easy. We wanted to offer women everywhere the option of gorgeous products (that could be specifically made to their measurements at no extra cost). Ensuring they owned lingerie that fit in all the right places.

We believe that everyone deserves underwear that makes them feel their best, with prices that mean you don't have to sacrifice those Friday night cocktails.

The global issue of body confidence can't just be tackled by selling lingerie, but we think it's a good place to start.
Our ethos is heavily centred around inclusivity. This is the basis of everything we are and everything we do. That is why we don't limit ourselves to a handful of sizes. We provide products that enhance all different and wonderful shapes and sizes. The aim is to offer a price that allows our business to run without pricing customers out of our shop.

So join our CHiLLi HAUS community and spread body positivity everywhere you walk... because at CHiLLi HAUS, everybody is our type.

Come and visit our site chillihaus.com or find us on instagram at @chillihaus

Love from,
CHiLLi HAUS team xoxoxox