CHiLLi Face Masks: How To Guide

Your face mask will arrive like this with the ear loops untied. Hold the mask to your face and tie each side loosely with a double knot until you find the perfect size for your face (it should cover your mouth and nose securely and not fall down).
Once you're happy with the length of the ear loops, pull firmly to tighten the knot, tie a couple more knots and repeat this.
Snip the loose ends a few centimeters from the knots, then rotate the ear loops until the knot is completely concealed by the fabric (see video for more info).

The CHiLLi MASK COLLECTION was designed to encourage the widespread use of face masks by making them as accessible & wearable as possible. Our masks are available in a carefully curated selection of the cutest prints & patterns, and always with a filter pocket for added security option.